The MVMA has developed agreements with several entities to provide cost saving services in the management of your business. Listed below are details about these programs available to MVMA members:

Montana Life Group Discounted Disability Insurance

Heartland's Credit Card and Payroll Processing Programs

I.C. Collection System

In addition, MVMA offers: 

  • Biannual newsletters.
  • Access to informative speakers at reduced member rates
  • Free listing on the MVMA member website. 
  • Classified advertising in the newsletter and on the website at no charge. 
  • Affiliation with national organization - American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

Allied Business Partners

Thank you to the following companies that supported MVMA through sponsorships and exhibits during our most recent Summer Meeting. In appreciation, please consider contacting the company representatives listed below for your veterinary supply and management needs.

Click the logo to visit the company website (not available for all companies). 

Buck Reiner - 406-698-8370
Travis Dempsey - 406-539-6153

Ole Becken - 406-579-2061

Patrick Schumacher - 406-672-3818
Jacob Feus
ner - 509-969-8203

Matt Williams - 248-930-4391


Joshua Jackson, DVM - 858-245-5905


Wayne LaPier - 509-280-6341
Todd Allison

John Cozby 701-404-1054

Aaron Roost - 800-346-9729


Gary Veserat - 530-668-4884

Cory Boswell 406-579-2517
Kate Hofer 406-548-4061
Dr. Bruce Hoffman 406-647-3034


Dana Ankerstar 941-928-1820
Jesse Brown 208-559-8852

Meg Ross 406-544-0933

Gary Bushey - 949-632-8916


 Ben Kirby 415-328-6424

Casey Weber 406-794-4125
Linda Mueller 605-206-1275


Jaimie McCain  507-993-9852
Bethany McCain 507-529-8200



Megan Cremer - 406-930-0333
Perry Tescher  701-260-3411
John Ford  720-666-5635


Ghip Glasser - 208-569-1099



Sarah Coffield 
Lyle Shores
Patrick Wilson

Glenn Parks  507-329-0222

Scott Hunt  406-291-5154

Mark Smalley  208-761-9516

Fred Petzold  

Mike Vaughn  206-305-2720


Joshua Whiteman 801-391-8498


Nick Campbell  406-855-5511
Sean Ryan  406-855-9394
John Ryan  717-265-3347