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Veterinarians Urged to Contribute Data for 2019 AHS Map

Participants have choice of emailing survey results or completing the survey online

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE—Veterinarians now have the opportunity to submit their clinics’ data for the 2019 American Heartworm Society (AHS) Heartworm Incidence Survey. Options include filling out a printed survey that was mailed to veterinarians in late January (this survey can be scanned and emailed to the AHS), or simply completing the survey at heartwormsociety.org/2019survey. The deadline to submit survey data is February 29, 2020.

 The AHS maps, dating back to 2001, are generated every three years and are widely used by veterinarians, animal shelters, animal rescue organizations and media to educate the pet-owning public about the threat of heartworm disease. The maps, which are built using data submitted by thousands of veterinary practices and animal shelters, also provide vital insights for veterinary professionals about trends in heartworm incidence and the spread of heartworms into new areas of the country.

 "Each veterinary practice that submits data on the number of animals tested and diagnosed over the 2019 calendar year enables the AHS to create a more comprehensive and useful map,” states AHS President Chris Duke, DVM. “We urge every clinic and shelter—large or small—to take a few short minutes to submit their information.”

 The survey results and the new 2019 AHS map will be made available in April as part of Heartworm Awareness Month.


2nd EVP Beef Course Opens

The second offering of the Executive Veterinary Program (EVP) in Beef Cattle Health Management will take place over eight sessions held July 2020 through September 2021 in Olathe, Kan. Registration is currently open for the course created by the University of Illinois and delivered in collaboration with Iowa State University. Early registration deadline is April 5 to receive a $1,000 tuition discount.

For nearly 30 years, EVP has been recognized as a premier credential for elite swine practitioners. In 2017 Dr. Dan Thomson, an internationally known leader in beef cattle production and animal welfare, partnered with the Illinois team to introduce the EVP model to beef practitioners. The 2020 EVP Beef course focuses on cow-calf practitioners.

“The first cohort of beef veterinarians to experience EVP discovered the program’s powerful combination of world-class instructors and a close-knit group of peers,” said Thomson. “EVP is a unique opportunity to grow and thrive in a supportive learning environment. It’s a chance to kick-start your practice, to move from focusing on the day-to-day grind of putting in a prolapse to thinking more broadly about the services you offer producers, from conception to consumption.”

The cost is $9,000, or $8,000 for registrations placed by April 5. For details about the dates, course content, and instructors, and to register, visit evp.illinois.edu, email [email protected], or call 217-333-2907.


MVMA Animal Welfare Statement: June 17, 2011

The Montana Veterinary Medical Association and its members believe that it is through the support and promotion of animal welfare that animals can be reasonably used and enjoyed by humans. These uses can include companionship, service, recreation, education, exhibition, work, food, fiber, and research. Animal welfare is a priority of the MVMA and through its Welfare Committee will continue to develop guidelines and standards to address the care, welfare, and humane treatment of animals. Veterinarians are advocates of animal welfare and should continually strive to support it through advocacy education and scientific research.

Animal welfare is a human responsibility and animals under our care shall receive proper nutrition, health care (including disease prevention), and freedom from unnecessary fear, pain, or distress. Animals shall be treated with respect and dignity throughout their lives and, when necessary, provided a humane death. The welfare of animals must also include environmental protection and management with consideration of the biology of the species.


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